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Members of VUELCO attended the IAVCEI conference in Kagoshima, Japan in July. A list of presentations made by the team can be viewed here.


VUELCO Conference


VUELCO held a two day conference in Barcelona Barcelona conferenceon 7 and 8 March. A representative of the EC was in attendance and team members presented their project research to date.


The event provided an excellent networking opportunity enabling the VUELCO members to plan and coordinate future integration activites.


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ABSTRACT BOOK (pdf format)


SG and DET Meeting

The Steering and DET Committee met in Barcelona on 6 March 2013, to review recent events, including the simulated evacuation in Mexico, November 2012 and made plans for the next evacuation exercise to be held in Sicily in February 2014.



VUELCO Simulation Exercise, Colima, Mexico

Jo Gottsmann interviewed at simulated evacuation exercise, Mexico

The VUELCO project co-organised and participated in an unrest simulation exercise during the Cities on Volcanoes 7 conference in Colima, Mexico. The simulation was based on a unrest scenario for the Fuego de Colima volcano and included five scientific committee meetings between November  17 and 23  during which the presented volcanic unrest data was discussed and evaluated. The exercise  included the probabilistic assessment of different volcanic scenarios which were defined based on the available data to the committee, which then formed part of the decision-making process of participating civil protection authorities of the states of Colima and Jalisco.


Based on the scientific advice given to the authorities after a marked increase  of the simulated volcanic activity and the probabilistic scenario forecasts for the next day (Nov. 24), the evacuation of the village of La Becerrera at the foothills of Fuego de Colima was ordered by the authorities for the following morning.


The event was held under the World Congress on Cities on Volcanoes 7.  Further details on the simulation  as well as participating organisations and project partners can be found in the   exercise planning document. EXERCISE PLANNING DOCUMENT (pdf)



First VUELCO workshop


Science Faculty, Colima UniversityOn Sunday 18 November 2012, the VUELCO project held its first workshop in Colima, Mexico. (programme as pdf)


The purpose of the workshop was to sample and discuss the state-of-the-art and future challenges of volcanic unrest research by an amalgamation of contributions from the natural and social sciences and from non-scientific stakeholders.

VUELCO WorkshopVUELCO's aim was to bring together natural and social scientists, decision makers and policy makers to discuss issues relevant to the scientific, risk and  managerial aspects of volcanic unrest. Contributions from cross-boundary research across the disciplines relevant for the study of volcanic unrest and its management were particularly welcome.

The workshop was sponsored by the European Commission under the 7th framework programme for research and technological development via the "VUELCO" project.



COV, Colima, Mexico COV


See VUELCO presentation lists from COV and AGU


Steering Group and DET Meeting 2

Saturday 17 November 2012

Colima, Mexico


Work Package 8 Meeting

2/3 May 2012

Barcelona ... Read more


Steering Group and DET Meeting 1

22 April 2012 at 1pm

Vienna ... Read more



The Annual Meeting of the Mexican Geophysical Union in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México, Noviembre 6-11, 2011:

583 papers in 26 thematic sessions. Programme and Abstacts:


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