VUELCO Short Course 2015: Coping with Volcanic Unrest

Olot, Garrotxa

Olot, Garrotxa, Spain




20-25 September, 2015, Olot, Garrotxa, Spain

A photo gallery and short video presentation will be available shortly to summarise this short course which concluded today.


The short-course comprised field trips to the  Garrotxa volcanic zone in North-Eastern Spain,  lectures  and presentations on the work undertaken  by the VUELCO research consortium. The course  was aimed at  post-graduate students, volcano observatory personnel and other professionals with an interest in dealing with pre-eruptive stages of volcanic activity.  Although not exclusively, the focus of the lectures will be on pre-eruptive processes, scenario forecasting and volcanic crises management at monogenetic fields.


volcano in Olot, SpainLectures and other activities were run in English.


The Garrotxa's Volcanic Zone is the best example of volcanic terrain on the Iberian Peninsula. It has 40 volcanic cones and more than 20 lava flows.

Organising Committee

Jo Gottsmann, University of Bristol

Joan Marti, CISC, Barcelona


Contact at Bristol

Jo Gottsmann, University of Bristol


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