Morne aux Diables, Dominica

Monitoring Data currently available

Mourne Aux Diables

Mourne Aux Diables, DominicaLocation and setting: Dominica (West Indies), island-arc volcano


Background information: The island of Dominica has one of the highest concentrations of potentially active volcanoes in the world. No magmatic eruptions in historic times but numerous earthquake swarms (one currently ongoing and associated with Morne aux Diables volcano located in the north of the island), geothermal activity in both south and north Dominica and two phreatic eruptions in the past 500 years suggest an active magma reservoir system that could erupt in the near future.


Relevance to project: 2 volcano-seismic crises in northern Dominica in the past 10 years: in 2003 and 2009-present. Ongoing volcano-tectonic seismicity associated with Morne aux Diables may be indicative of the reawakening of a volcanic system; management of volcano-seismic crises including crisis communications; development of models to better explain the operation of the active geothermal systems on the island and their utility as precursors to eruptive activity; deriving better tools to assess and forecast future unrest given the monitoring data available now and from similar crises in the past.


Monitoring data available to consortium: Seismic (short-period data mainly from the 1960s; 3 component and broadband for the past 2 years); campaign style GPS (from 2004) and geochemical data from geothermal areas (from 2001).


Data on the current monitoring of Morne aux Diables (pdf format)


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